Our history

Memorable history


  • 1957-Present

    San Agustin Stage

    Construction of Airport (1957)
    Separation of Calatrava (1968)
    Separation of Cagbacaya (Sta. Maria, 1982)
    Formulation of the First San Agustin Profile and Comprehensive Development Plan (1976
    Introduction of the Walis Tambo Industry thru Tiger Grass Plantings (1980s)

  • Updating of the CDP thru PASTORA (1979)
    Proclamation of the CALSANAG Protected Area (1982)
    Formulation of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan & Zoning (2001-2011) using HLURB Guidelines
    Discovery of the Blue Hole (2005) · Typhoon Frank (2008)
    Establishment of Cawayan-Ma-Baybay MPA (2014)
    Construction of Basic Community Facilities for each Barangay
    Construction of the New Municipal Complex
    USWAG San Agustin Program


  • 1868-1956

    Badajoz Stage

    Pueblo preserved and Guinpic-an, Cabolutan, Cagbagacay, Andagao consolidated.
    Construction of Cotta (1873)
    Continuing Moro raids
    Legend of the image of St. Augustine journey from Cagbagacay (Sta. Maria) to Badajoz; named him as new patron saint

  • Church at Carmen destroyed by typhoon (1878)
    Six barrios narrowed to 4 (1896)
    Romblon became province (1901) and after sub-province of Capiz (1907-17)
    Opening of primary schools in Carmen/Cabo-lutan under the Thomasites (1901)


  • 1855-1867

    Guintigui-an Stage

    Edict issued for natives to have Spanish surnames; area got “M”
    Area elevated from visita to pueblo (1855) to comprise 4 visitas including Cabolutan

  • 2 visitas taken out in 1857: Guinpuc-an* (Carmen) & Cabolutan
    Church building built 1818 ravaged by earthquake (1863)


  • 1582-1854

    Cabolutan Stage

    Census of Miguel Loarca: 250 people in Tablas (1582
    Moros raiding the island ·
    Building a visita, church built in 1635

  • Cabolutan separated from Romblon (1700)
    Smallpox epidemic (1790)
    2 visitas taken out in 1857: Guinpuc-an* (Carmen) & Cabolutan
    Setting up of the alcadia led by alcalde mayor; pueblos under a gobernadorcillo


  • before 1952

    Pre-Cabolutan Stage

    Wars between kingdoms in Java, Sumatra and Borneo