The Office of the Municipal Mayor holds a significant position within the local government system in the Philippines. It serves as the executive branch of the municipality and is responsible for the overall governance and administration of the local community. The mayor, as the chief executive officer, provides leadership and direction in implementing government programs, policies, and services. The office carries out various functions, including enforcing laws and ordinances, delivering basic services to the public, promoting development initiatives, managing the municipal budget, representing the community in official forums, engaging with residents and stakeholders, and handling crisis situations. The Municipal Mayor plays a crucial role in fostering local development, ensuring public welfare, and representing the interests of the municipality both locally and nationally.


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Provides a concise overview of the basic services offered to citizens, emphasizing the commitment to efficient and transparent service delivery. It aims to create awareness of citizens' rights and establish a foundation for a citizen-centric approach to governance within the municipality.

  • Issuance of Mayor's Clearance

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  • Issuance of Certification for Employment

    329 KB Download
  • Issuance of Endorsement Certificate for Benefit Dance

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  • Issuance of Business Permit (New)

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  • Issuance of Business Permit (Renewal)

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  • Issuance of Hazard / No Hazard Certificate

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