The Office of the Municipal Assessor is a government department responsible for assessing and valuing properties within a municipality. Its main role is to determine the fair market value of land, buildings, and other properties for taxation purposes. This ensures that property owners contribute their fair share of taxes based on the assessed value of their properties. The office conducts property assessments regularly and considers factors such as property characteristics and market trends to accurately determine property valuations. By performing these assessments, the office plays a crucial role in the local government’s revenue generation.


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Services & Resources

  • Issuance of Certified True/Photo Copy of Tax Declaration

    330 KB Download
  • Issuance of Certifications
    (Total Landholding, No Improvement, o/With
    Property,Lien & Encumbrances, etc.)

    330 KB Download
  • Issuance of Sketch Plans
    (Electrifications, Transfer, Loan, Personal, etc.)

    330 KB Download
  • Annotation of Mortgages and Bailbonds

    330 KB Download
  • Issuance of Tax Declaration
    for Transfer and Revision of Assessment
    (For Approval of Provincial Assessor)

    657 KB Download

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