The Office of Municipal Planning and Development is a government department responsible for overseeing and regulating the planning and development activities within a municipality. Its main goal is to ensure that the municipality grows and develops in a way that meets the needs of the community while considering sustainability and adherence to regulations. The office formulates land use plans, zoning regulations, and building codes to guide and regulate development. It reviews development proposals, issues permits, and conducts inspections to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. By fulfilling these responsibilities, the office plays a vital role in shaping the future development and growth of the municipality.


The best business opportunities in our city

Provides a concise overview of the basic services offered to citizens, emphasizing the commitment to efficient and transparent service delivery. It aims to create awareness of citizens' rights and establish a foundation for a citizen-centric approach to governance within the municipality.

Services & Resources

  • Appraisal and Assessment of Real Property (ARP)
    for New Building and Machineries

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  • Issuance of Zoning Certificate
    for Building, Business, and Land Titling

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  • Issuance of Ecological Solid Waste Management
    (ESWM) Certificate

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Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator

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